Love It! Share It!

Do you choose to share because you love the products? Do you want to pay it forward and empower those you love with the benefits of these products? Perhaps you have an even bigger vision to help others live a high quality life.

Whatever brings you to sharing what you love, we are here to support your goals. The opportunity to build financial wellness is available if you choose it. Set yourself up for success with Young Living Starter Kits! These introductory kits  are designed to include cutting-edge business-building materials and product samples. They are the perfect way to introduce someone to the Young Living opportunity and lifestyle. To support sharing, our team has an exclusive website with resources  for education and empowerment, as well as one-on-one training. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team that has fun and works smart. Join us for an in-person class or meeting and see for yourself.

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Introducing Essences of Alchemy Matrix

When you become a member of Essences of Alchemy and intend to share, you join our Essences of Alchemy Matrix team. Essences of Alchemy Matrix was created to support your sharing goals. Whether you prefer the Quick Start option or are ready to dig into the details, here you will find all the tools and resources to support your business building needs. Become an Essences of Alchemy Matrix Member! →


Get rewarded for the purchases from your customers and members within your organization. Young Living uses a three-level approach to help you strategically build your business. Below are links to Young Living’s Compensation Plan and the most current Income Disclosure Statement.


The Four Year Career

The Four Year Career by Bliss Business outlines the potential of this model of sharing.

It is a quick 45-minute read and very powerful to engage a deeper understanding of how leaders within Young Living are experiencing remarkable opportunity and abundance, and that it is possible for you too.